Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Favorite Things Party #1!

A couple of my dearest friends and I decided to have a Favorite Things party a couple nights ago. We each brought our favorite desert and everyone was nice enough to make them gluten-free!. There were Rice Krispie treats, peppermint bark, vanilla wafer pudding, and Lone Star nachos. I think we ate for a solid hour and a half! I was amazed that we finished almost everything! Rad is kind of obsessed with Sara. He'll get in these modes where he'll say, "Sara, Sara, Sara", over and over again for like twenty minutes straight. So when she showed up, and with a big old pink sugar cookie especially for him (that's kind of their thing), let's just say it was all sorts of mushy gushy for awhile. He would eat his cookie from his high chair and be staring at Sara with the cheesiest smile on his face, and we'd look over at him and he'd say, "Sara......" It was pretty cute. She also knows his favorite meal is Lone Star nachos so he said, "Nachos", for awhile as he gulped those down too. Each of us brought three of our favorite things to give each other as well. It was so fun to see what they are loving right now and to get some adorable goodies!

Having close girlfriends is so important. As much as I love and adore talking to Wren, there are some things he simply does not get, or frankly, care about. I think we all have friends out there that we just know have our back no matter what. Friends that are constantly lifting us and up and that have a positive influence on our lives. Friends that just get us and that we can talk to about anything and everything under the sun (most of them inappropriate!) and not have to feel censored or judged. These are the type of friends that love my baby and that think he's just a big of a deal as I do. All of these things are what these girls are to me. They are my people. I get a little emotional thinking of all the long talks we've had together and the fun times I've had with each of them! We decided to make this a monthly tradition and I think it's like the funnest thing ever! I love you friends.