Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Dinky Little Bathroom

The floor that we tore out in the kitchen traveled its lovely self into this little half bathroom, so we figured, new floor? Why not upgrade the whole darn thing? And boy was it needed. Nothing ever really worked in there, even after we tried our best to make it presentable after moving in. 

Some quick tips to make a little, old bathroom cute? 

-A new faucet. I bought this gold, vintage looking faucet from for about $40. It makes this old little sink look like its supposed to be there. 
-Update an existing mirror! I went and bought rustic looking wood from Home Depot (my second home, literally!) for about $3.00 a piece, had them cut to the sizes I needed, and I then I just drilled it into the old frame of the $30 Ross mirror that I had. I even drilled the wood in while it was hanging, so easy! 
-A fun new paint color. I had asked Wren to go pick me up some navy blue paint, and this is what he brought back bless his heart... But honestly!? I'm kind of in love with the unique color. A tip for painting an older house, even when painting in the bathroom or kitchen... use eggshell paint, NOT GLOSSY. We have had to go through most of the house and re-paint each room because we painted with too high of a gloss and it showed every little flaw. This new paint is eggshell and the walls look perfect. The glossy turquiose one before looked horrible. Just FYI. 

I think this bathroom finally has a cryin' chance!