Monday, March 3, 2014

A Perle Market Review!

One of my very closest friends, Sara, just launched the cutest clothing line called Perle Market. I am so excited for her in the this new venture and jumped at the chance in helping to spread the word! The items she sent me to review came packaged in such fun wrapping that would be perfect for gifts! 

First up is this Aztec Top
I love how this sweater fits. It's loose and tight in all the right areas, if that makes sense. The thin knit-like fabric is warm enough to go out in the brisk weather but doesn't smolder me when inside (my biggest pet peve!) And the print? It speaks for itself. I love this sweater.
Next up, is this Stripe Shirt and these Trendsetter Pants
The fit on both of these items are comfortable yet still so flattering which is what this mother needs loves. I love the thin/silky material of the pants and the scrunched sides on the shirt. Both of these items could actually be great maternity clothes as well.
Everything on their website is adorable though. Plus it's always free shipping on already incredible prices so you really can't go wrong. AND they are giving you an additional 15% off your entire order using code savannahspeeps so hurry and head over there today! Thanks Sara!