Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014 Baby!

As always, we had the best fun-packed day with both of our families on Easter this year. We were able to attend church, and nursery for Radcliff was a BIG success. I think we're going places there. We headed home and Radcliff took a nap while we laid out on our deck, truly one of the best feelings ever. Warm SUN! I am so excited it's finally back. My white bod could use a little/lot. After Rad arose, we went to Wren's parent's for a fantastic lunch and annual Easter egg hunt. There's money involved so things get a little competitive with the adults after the kids get their eggs. They use camouflage eggs and hide them good. It's like, Where's Waldo is going on.

Him's gots the best Daddy ever.
It was cute watching Rad open his loot. This little motorcycle was his fave! Of course. It has wheels.
Radcliff looooves his cousins!
I really can't handle him...
After Wren's parents, we headed over to my parent's house for tons, and I mean TONS, more food. My Dad can't be held down when it come to his Pig! (His smoker/BBQ-er) My mom made Rad the cutest Easter basket with a million vehicles and, well...
 He was pleased.
The holidays are the best, especially with Radcliff who thinks everything is "AWESOME!" and our amazing families who make 'em a million times more fun.

We finished the night off right by putting Rad down early and watching the Americans. I'm in love with it and everything Keri Russel wears. The 80's really did have it going on!