Tuesday, April 15, 2014

These are a Few of His Favorite Things...

His cousins. Hands down one of his most favorite things ever. Yiyee, Syler, Eva, Iwis, Buce, Tunas, and Tinsleeee (yes his dog/cat cousins are just as big of a deal as the human ones.)
Cream cones. He's obsessed. He'll live and die for em.
Let's just say his cars are his "babies". He's very territorial and likes to have all of them with him at one time. He can drive his cars on multiple surface types for hours!
Whatever my feet are doing here... Well it ain't pretty. I knew I was pigeon toed, but golllll. I think I need a pedicure too. Sigh.
His grandparents. All four of em. It's love. I have to say, I really think he struck gold on his grandparents. Between Cha Cha, Hoo Hoo, Slick, and GRAND-paaaa, he's got ALL his bases covered.
RACING! And especially down slides... "On yo mawk, get set... GO!"
Swimming at the rec center. He's always a little nervous at first, but warms right up. Oh, and his tough guy suit, as Dad calls it. You know, the suit he'd wear to go beat guys up.
Did I mention cream cones???
Anything Daddy. He's obsessed with Wren.
Our evening walks. This kid is going to be fast like his Dad!
Tractors, excavators, dump trucks, police cars, buses, trains, fire trucks, ambulances, semi trucks, cement trucks, tanker cars, flat beds. He seriously knows the difference between every single one and it's all we do as we drive. Name off vehicles. Whoever would of thought it from unsuspecting me???
Playing outside. Nature boy. We are loving our yard an extra lot these days. He'll go in the backyard and play for long periods of time all by himself as I can see him from the kitchen window as I cook. Kind of like heaven!
His newborn sunglasses. He's just now starting his love affair. We could die happy! His personality literally changes when he puts these babies on. He gets all cool and serious like nothing matters. It's so funny.
Is that a big foot???
Helping Daddy with anything! Massaging Mommy? OKAY!
Did I already say, he loves Wren? He does.
I don't know why I added this picture other than it's hilarious.
His wittle friends.
Eating by "self".
Walking in our shoes! Literally and metaphorically speaking...
Trains rides!
His aunties. He loves them all!
And of course Mommy.... ;)
He's so smart and handsome and sweet, I just can't stop kissing him! Love you Radcliff!