Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What Radcliff's Up To Now!

I haven't taken as much time as I should to write down all of the adorable things Radcliff has been saying and doing lately so here goes!
He's having full on conversations now. We took him for a wellness check a couple months ago and our pediatrician got really quiet, looked us in the eye and said, "No really guys, I never see children this young being able to talk to me like this, let alone a boy. It's phenomenal!" My heart could have exploded! We all love hearing others point out the good in our children, so it was fun to hear that! But it's so true. It's funny how much he talks. It's non-stop, all day. Everything he says is cute and nice. Literally. Anything he see he says, "Ohhh mom! This is SO cute!" Or, "This is SO nice!" Or, "This is WAY good!" He always tells me I'm beautiful or amazing and that he loves and misses me. I really can't handle. He tells me thanks anytime I do anything for him, but it's a, "FANKS Mommy!" He just gets things, and I love that about him. No 'duh' factor over here, like at all. He gets making words plural, like if there's more than one of anything he adds an "es" to the end even if it's incorrect. For example he'll say, "Look at all those treeses Mommy!" Or, "Look at all those carses!" He also gets the difference between her and him, she and he, and I and you. He loves driving passed houses with us, and saying, "That's a HUGE one! That's a CUTE one!" Oh I love my little buddy so dearly. He's my best little friend! The other day I walked into his room to get him out of his crib and he yelled, "BIG FAT NURSUMS!" Yes we're still nursing. Yes, he's still so obsessed. I almost died laughing. He's a great big helper too. He throws things away for me, brings me things when I need them, and just looooves helping. "Yadcliff help!" His favorite phrase of the moment is, "No I don't, it's fine." He's so into anything cars and trains and has to have at least one hand in each hand everywhere we go. He loves the concept of "twins", and will say it anytime he see two things that look alike. We do have our rough times of tantrums and hitting and pulling mommy's hair, but he's quick to put himself in time out and tell me he's sorry and that he loves me. I'd have a million if they were as easy and fun as him. We love you Radcliff!