Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Evening Hike

First item of biz... We found our Canon charger! Praise the heavens. Now we can actually start taking quality pictures again. Funniest part? I told Wren I was pretty sure it was just in the camera drawer in the basement and he swore it wasn't there, and me being a trusting wife just assumed it wasn't in there so I never thought to check myself. Well two months later he came up and said, "I found the charger!" I asked, "Where?" "In the camera drawer." Oh my. I should have checked. Dudes. Gotta love em. Anyhow, we have our charger back so no more lame phone pictures. Except for that last picture of Rad and I up there :)

We went on the most beautiful hike the other day up Millcreek Canyon. It seriously felt like we were in a different state or country, it was so incredibly green... EVERYWHERE! Radcliff is the best little hiker, he talks the entire way up and the entire way down, we love it. Watching his cute little legs hike and hearing the adorable things he comes up with is really almost too much to handle! We are so happy he loves the outdoors and appreciates everything this beautiful world has to offer! Here's to many more evening hikes this summer! We LOVE Utah!