Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We're Having Another BABY!

You read that right. I am 21 weeks pregnant with baby BOY number two! We are so terribly thrilled to have BROTHERS! This baby already has such a big place in our hearts. As well as being so excited, we are pretty dang nervous. Somehow we are so much more nervous for baby number two than we were for baby number one. I feel like life is so amazing right now. Radcliff is so good, we just hang out all day. He's the biggest buddy ever. I just keep picturing the crazy, yet amazing whirlwind that's soon to hit, and I can't help but worry how it's going to uproot little Rad. I know once the baby comes I will wonder how on earth I ever lived without it, but in the meantime I'm left wondering how the transition from one to two will be. We are so so thankful for baby number two though and already love him so much! 

As far as morning sickness, this pregnancy has been so similar to when I was pregnant with Rad. I had my super nauseous times where everything sounded repulsing. Try not eating gluten when you're in that phase of your pregnancy. It's been a challenge, that's for sure! Despite the nauseousness, I never actually threw up so all things considered, I've been lucky. Radcliff got used to seeing me rest on the couch while he watched a show and would come over and tickle my arm and say, "Mommy restin'?" He was so sweet and it's as if he just understood that I needed a little more down time. And just like clockwork, at the end of my first trimester my morning sickness left and I started to get my energy back! But along with that came crazy emotions! When I was pregnant with Rad, I was so even keel the entire time, nothing phased me, I loved it! This time around, everything makes me want to cry. It's like a big fat PMS all the time. It's so funny the extreme way hormones can affect our minds! It honestly hasn't been that bad, just something that's quite a bit different than with Radcliff.

Radcliff has been so sweet, always coming up to my tummy and kissing it, saying, "Hello new baby!" He actually seems like he kind of gets it even though I'm sure when the baby actually comes he'll be like, "Woah, okay not what I expected Mom." He even said to me the other day, "Radcliff help new baby ride a bike!" I almost died laughing, let's help you ride one first dude. I think he'll be a really great bigger "helper" brother! Wren says to him everyday, "Now Radcliff, we are going to need YOUR help when new baby comes. We won't be able to do it without you!" Radcliff replies with, "YAAAAAAA! Radcliff help!" We shall see how it all goes. My biggest fear is that Radcliff will feel left out and confused on why we are spending so much time with someone other than him. His whole little life is going to change. Any recommendations from parents who have already transitioned from one child to two? Your experiences, thoughts, and recommendations of ways to make the new baby "fun" to your first child would be greatly appreciated!  

So that's that! And that's also why this blog has been seriously lacking. I'm hoping that changes here shortly because I've really missed blogging. I just simply have not had the energy! I've been trying to save all of it for Radcliff and Wren. Thanks to everyone that has continued reading this decaying blog. I'll start delivering. Promise. Here's to NEW BABY AND BROTHERS!