Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby, Numero Dos! 28 Weeks!

Well my Baby Center updates told me today that I'm officially into the third trimester. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going! I'm a little sad to leave the second trimester in the dust because everything is just so good in that one, you know? Everyone cross your fingers that the heart burn I suffered with while pregnant with Radcliff in the third trimester, doesn't repeat itself with this baby! So far so good! 

I feel like when I was pregnant with Radcliff, I had all the time in the entire world to document all of those precious firsts like hearing his heartbeat, feeling him kick for the first time, finding out he was a boy, down to all of the cravings, un-comforts, and emotions that came along with pregnancy. This time around, I feel like I have been so busy chasing my busy little you-know-who around (we won't name names), that I haven't had as much time to document these fun little milestones! 

Hearing this new little guy's heartbeat for the first time was just as incredible as hearing Rad's. I think we all go into that office for our first prenatal appointment a little bit nervous, and hearing his strong little heartbeat was so amazing. Add Radcliff to the scenario, smiling over my side, mimicking the 'boosh, boosh, boosh", of the heartbeat, and my heart could have exploded! My two little boys!

In the beginning of my pregnancy, I for sure thought I was another boy. Fast forward a few months, and I really had no inkling to what the baby would be. By the time I was at week 20, about to find out what we were having, I was pretty certain it was a girl. So when we went in for the ultrasound, and I saw his little you-know-what on the screen and exclaimed, "It's a boy!" It was like, duh, of course he's a boy. I could feel his sweet little spirit. Wren and I looked at each other and just laughed. Boys are really just the best! 

Feeling his little movements for the first time was so exciting too! It's funny, because I can already make out the different distinctions between the way Radcliff moved and how this new guy moves. You really can sense their little personalities in there. Feeling him move just never gets old. I love it and just can't wait to get my hands on him!

Radcliff loves talking about his new little brother and tells me all of the adorable things he plans to teach him about and help him with. I hope they want to do everything together! Cross your fingers for me... 
And if this new guy is anything like his older brother, I give it a year and a half and the truck/car/wheel situation in general, is going to be completely off the hook, like out of control at the Withers household. And I really don't think there's anything cuter. BROTHERS!