Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Best Straightener You Can Get!

Misikko sent me this Hana Elite Flat Iron late last year:
 And just like the HANAair Hair Dryer they sent me (see post here), it did not disappoint! Like at all. I wanted to give it some significant time before reviewing it on my blog. After all, the most important quality in a flat iron for me is that not only does it make my hair feel super smooth, but that it doesn't damage it in the process. I can happily say that my hair has never felt healthier and I have been using it for almost six months now. I straighten my hair every time I blow dry it so that's saying a lot! I can straighten my entire head in three minutes flat. Also saying a lot for me! Each section I straighten really only needs one or two passes of the straightener and, wala, it's straight. I don't know what they've done, but Misikko has seemed to have made the perfect straightener. And trust. I've used a million top grade straighteners over my lifetime because my hair is so curly and because I went to cosmetology school. Hands down my favorite straightener yet! If you've been looking for a good one, this is so worth the money. I promise!
Thanks Misikko!