Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Last Couple Months Of Our Lives In Pictures!

I have been a terrible at keeping up on this blog lately. Pregnancy does a funny thing to my motivation. Especially when it comes to computer stuff. It's hard enough to find time to post, and then add Radcliff to any computer situation and all he wants to do is "help", bless his little heart, and I give up within minutes of even trying. Definitely not worth the fight especially with no energy! Hence... The longest post you're ever going to see on this blog is below. I finally got around to downloading my phone pictures, Wren's phone pictures, and our camera pictures to the computer today (it only took all day, literally, with lots of Radcliff breaks in between)! I found tons of pictures I would have had no recollection of ever taking. So if you've felt like we've dropped off the face of the earth, we haven't. Here's proof. Without further ado, 81 pictures from the last couple months I don't want to forget about...

Wren's birthday dinner! 28!
A couple a cousins goin' swimmin'!
Hiking with Mommy!
Giving Iris a smoochie :)
They went round and round and round!
New BABY! So excited to meet this little dude!
Summa BBQ's with friends. Where the good stuff's at!
Hoo Hoo!
Cheeeeeeese from ma crib.
Shooting cars down the steep driveway with Slick!
Radcliff lays on any cow skin rugs he can find. Even at restaurants. Random? Yes.
No shirt, no shoes, no service. Target was kind and let us stay.
Sometimes there's times that only dipping fries in ice cream can fix!
Family story time!
Clean house. Agh.
Radcliff looooves these black strappy high heeled shoes of mine. Always wants me to wear them. Even to the park. Sorry honey. No.
Grandma loves!
Cha Cha loves!
Date night. Just what the doctor ordered!
Daddy-back massage!
Lincoln and Rad. Trouble.
Grandma day!
Natural History Museum with Iris and Lills!
My hikers :)
"Radcliff bideos!?"
Visiting Grandpa Kent with my sisters and mom.
Sugarhouse Park picnic!
Walking around the lake at sunset. Perfect!
Radcliff's first snow-cone! Cliff's-blue. Mommy's-white.
Rad's first sleeping bag!
Eating breakfast in Radcliff's favorite spot. On the coffee table by the couch!
My outdoors lover.
Carrying Radcliff to the car, dead asleep, from camping at 4:00 AM. Of course he woke up the second we set him down. Mr. Alert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
My sweet Grandpa's funeral.
"I'm the king of the mountain!" 4th of July picnic at Brighton!
Daddy snuggles.
I think I know who spilled the pepper.
We got ourselves a paint sprayer and will be repainting every surface ever made. I'm obsessed.
More summer BBQ's!
Nursery time. He still won't let me leave.
Diggers, dump trucks, diggers, dump trucks. Add sand? It's love.
"It's poppy!" After trying Mommy's soda.
Daddy-back ride!
Best Daddy ever!
Zoo day!
These deserve a post all of their own. OMG.
Wren's bike race!
"Let's dump sand on Eva's head!"
"Gosh, gosh, gosh", as the stroller kept veering into the curb.
Cousin dance party!
Family hike!
Kind of pissed after being wet and cold.
We got the CUTEST package ever from my sweet friend sending Radcliff Hot Wheels! He was PLEASED.
"Higher! Higher!"
My lover boy.
FRANK! Cutest kitty ever!
Sunset hike with my guys.
Cheeeese! Kind of obsessed with him.
Oh you know, just cleanin' my bike.
Kissin' cousins. Too bad they're related, they're so cute together!
I can't even handle this.
4th of July fireworks!
Jumping on his new trampoline. He's getting good!
Hike with Daddy and the scouts!
Cool dudes walk around at 11:00 PM at night in sunglasses.
Swim day! Hay!
28 weeks. Radcliff loves talking to new baby!
And my big baby!
My little lion!
Rock climbing and chalk slap happy!