Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Think We're About There!

Well, well, well. Looking through these pictures, I can't even begin to describe the boat-load of frickin' work our house has been... All inside, outside, and yard, of it. Yikes. It makes me tired just thinking about it! Now that we have almost the whole house updated (we are in the process of our last update- replacing the doors upstairs and finished the tub a couple weeks ago (post on that coming soon!)), it feels so good! Just in time for the new baby to get here. I remember so many long nights (especially in the winter, aghhhhh!), entertaining Rad, steering him away from the projects Wren was working on, thinking, "Will this ever end?" Projects can be irritating on their own, then add in a baby and it's hard. I'm sure we'll have our little projects here and there because we're us, but all the main things are done and it feels awesome. We couldn't do it with two.

After remodeling the kitchen, the outside just did not match the style of the inside. Like at all. We were kind of at a loss what we could do to make it current. Paint the brick? No. So many people told us we'd be crazy to do that because I guess it takes away the thermal layer, one of the beauties of brick I guess, and we actually really do like the color and it's in good condition. So after much debate, we nixed the painting of the brick idea. So what we did was add on a garage. I call it Wren's four day garage. He literally built it in four days. I was dying. What a guy! We painted the soffit and siding a really dark charcoal gray, added shutters (thank you DAD!!!), and a new front door (I finally got my beloved mid-century front door!) We wanted a fun color for the door and garage without it being too overbearing and are really happy with the blue color we chose. It was scarrrrry deciding though.
Here is the realtor's picture of the house before we even bought it. 
Ouch. That's scary, Everything was so overgrown and dated!
Member our post about these no good, dirty, rotten, fitzer bushes? Oh man. Hard times.
This below, is a picture of our house last year. It was getting better but still had a long way to go.
Although, our flower beds were kind of amazing if I do say so myself! And that baby!? He's growing so fast!
Here were the plans we had for the house last year...
...and we were able to accomplish all of them plus lots more. Check, check, check!
It's fun to look back and see that, although it took us 2 1/2 years to get here, we've done everything we've wanted to do. As much work as it's been, we've had lots of fun doing and dreaming about it, and Radcliff is just the biggest champ and helper of all. He tells us everything we do looks, "Sooooo goood guys!", and has been so patient with our five million runs to Home Depot. We've had the garage done for months now and still every single time we pull up to it, he says, "Daddy, you did such a good job on the garage!" And in the midst of working, he always pulls both of us close and says, "Family loves!" What a dude. He's ours!

Thanks for reading!

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