Sunday, September 28, 2014

Family and Maternity Pictures

We headed up to Albion Basin the other night so my mom could take some family and maternity shots before our little boy arrives! My mom is such a great photographer and I love how they turned out. Poor Radcliff and Wren both had the flu that day, so I have to say what troopers they were to even go up in the first place. Oh, and I got pulled over for going 45 in a 25 mile an hour zone. Who the heck knew it went to 25 after Snowbird? I feel like I know that canyon like the back of my hand but I guess I never really drive past Snowbird. Anyway, the cop made me feel like the biggest dummy ever for not seeing four, yes FOUR signs, one of them a flashing, that said the speed limit had changed to 25. Wow, pregnancy brain! But he can make me feel like a dummy all day long, because he didn't give me a ticket. Bless his sweet little heart. Can you imagine if he did? A pregnant lady, tired as it is, who just picked out coordinating outfits (I don't know why, but that's the worst part of family pictures in my opinion), who dragged two sickies out of bed, got them ready and in the car, got myself ready (full makeup AND hair, that never happens anymore), and then to get all the way up there and lose the light because I was getting a freaking ticket? It's as if the cop knew it just wouldn't have flown. Thank you, man. 

Anyway, I get a little emotional looking at these pictures for two reasons. Looking at the maternity ones make it seem so much more real that we will have another little one that will be here in like, three weeks???! Crazy! It's been hard to take in this pregnancy like I was able to take in Radcliff's because I am just so busy with him! And then when I look at the family pictures, I get a little sad thinking the whole dynamic of the three musketeers is going to change! I have loved every second of just the three of us. But I know, once this baby gets here, I will just be so in love I'll wonder how we ever didn't have him. So, so, so lucky to have my boys! 

Thanks for the pictures mom! Her website is Studio Works 29 if you're interested in getting pictures taken! She's the best of the best! :)