Friday, September 5, 2014

Just Him and I

Although I cannot even wait to get my hands on this new little guy, the closer my due date gets (next month, agh!), the more bittersweet I feel towards the winding down days with just Radcliff and I. We really are just the best of buddies. Over the last couple months he has become the most easy, agreeable, sweetest guy ever. Terrible twos? Pshhh. He's easier now than he's ever been. He's constantly telling me thank you for making him meals and squealing, "This is delicious Mommy Girl! Thank you!" Whenever I get dressed, he tells me how beautiful I look and says, "That dress looks goooood Mommy Girl. I like it!" He literally kills me with all the adorable things he says. He's such a sensitive little sweetheart. He's not messy, and always helps clean up if he is. He loves helping with anything and everything. The other day he helped me weed for an hour, and move all these big rocks from one flower bed to the other. He's such a tough guy while being so calm and observant at the same time. I love all of his amazing little traits.

Our days have been so low key lately because I have just simply not had the energy to do much., but he's just such a champ about it. He can drive his cars around the house for hours, it's unreal! We take long baths learning our letters and numbers (the water toys, best investment ever, thank you Target!), and have long talks about everything under the sun as we eat breakfast and lunch together, just the two of us. He's wise beyond his years and so with the program. I love it. And then there is our cuddling time, smashed up against each other, as we watch Daniel the Tiger (pictured above). He loooves cuddling, and always says, "Mommy, let's cuddle." I just want to eat him! 

These moments are so special to me and I'll always hold them close. I know once the new baby comes we won't be able to take our sweet precious time talking at the dinner table, or taking half hour baths, or cuddling all morning, so I really want to take advantage and enjoy every last minute with just us! Radcliff, it's been a good ride just me and you buddy! I'd have a million if I knew they'd be just like you and you're really going to be the best big brother ever!