Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Park City Day!

We kicked Labor Day weekend off early this year when Wren took Friday off and we headed to Park City for the day! Sometimes it's so nice to just get the heck out of dodge. We drove up Big Cottonwood and dropped Wren off at the top to ride down and meet us in Park City. As Rad and I drove over Gaurdsman Pass, and down through Deer Valley, we were surprised by all the changing orange leaves that we saw! It is such a pretty drive, so if you live in the area you should definitely head up there. Rad and I strolled up to the Alpine Slides and watched all the rides and Alpine Sliders. Maybe next time we'll take him on them! 

After we met up with Wren, we drove to his sister's house, who lives there, and Rad had the time of his life playing with his cousins while we talked to Allyssum and Ryan. What a fun day! Rad didn't even take a nap which is a rarity for him. But he did sleep in till noon that day, so you know. I guess it wasn't that crazy. And to top the day off, he went to bed at a whopping 9:30. Another rarity! So Wren and I were even able to watch an entire movie. Oh ya! But half way into the show we started to miss him, so I think it's okay he usually stays up so late. We're the three amigos! 

So sad the long weekend is over, hope you all got to do something fun fo yo-selves!