Monday, October 13, 2014

Due Date Approaching Rapidly and Nursery Talk!

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Well we are officially less than two weeks away from baby's due date. I can't even believe how fast this pregnancy has gone! Like really, sheesh! I had a doctor's appointment last week and was measuring a little bit smaller than normal, so just to be safe, they got me in for an ultrasound the next day to make sure baby was growing normally and to check that I had enough fluid in there. Luckily, both looked great! Lots of fluid and they estimated the baby at about seven and a half pounds. You can come anytime, sweetheart! If I go late like I did with Radcliff, I could end up having a nine pounder. I don't know why that's so funny to me because it's going to hurt like a you know what, but you know what??? As long as baby is healthy I'm happy. Bring on the next little chubby guy! It was fun to see his cute chubby cheeks in the ultra sound. He's head down and ready for blast off!

We are just about finished with his little nursery too! Over the last couple weeks we have painted the dresser, crib, his room, installed molding and doors, and then purchased some nursery necessities. We are going to leave Radcliff in his crib for awhile so we needed all new items that pertain to a crib for the new dude's room. So we are almost there! Every time I walk in it I get excited thinking about our him snoozing in there. I love him so much already! Radcliff is on cloud nine when he walks in too. "New baby's room is sooooo cute Mommy!"

The last two things we need to complete it are to install the wallpaper and pick out a comfy chair. I have been really into comfy, old man looking chairs lately. Tell me I'm not alone in this!? Shackletons has the cutest ones right now! Aren't these all amazing??? Which one is your favorite?

Any last minute advice pertaining to anything labor, hospital, new baby, ways to help your toddler feel included, sleep talk, just ANYTHING, would be greatly appreciated! I'm so excited but also kind of a nervous wreck as well. Times are changing, and they're changing fast!