Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wood You Like a Jord Watch?

The awesome Jord watches sent us over this cool Fieldcrest Series Black Wood Watch.Wren had actually been wanting a cool wood watch like this for a while, so it's fun that it's totally gender neutral and we can both wear it! Jord has so many cool different wood watches to choose from. "Jord watches are designed to take people back to nature and away from today's metal and rubber", which makes us love them even more!

It also came packaged in the nicest box so wood (no pun intended!), be the perfect present! With Christmas a couple months away, here's a great gift idea!
 Thanks Jord! We love the watch!

And on a side note, these pictures are making me so excited for fall weather! It was rainy here on Sunday, and we were all able to bust out our sweaters and flannels. Fall is my all time favorite season (maybe because my birthday and Halloween both reside in this season!? AND New Baby's birthday too!) But the golden light, the beautiful changing leaves, and the crisp sweater weather Utah gets in fall time, well nothing beats it. Nothin' beats how handsome my guys are up there either ;)

If you're from Utah, you can check out my fall bucket list here from last year. There's some really fun things to do during fall time on there! Happy FRIDAY!!!