Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014- Everest's 1st!

Christmas was double the fun this year with two little hood rats in tow. Kids make things so magical, and babies? Well I'm obsessed with babies in the first place, and then when that baby is mine, and is as easy and dreamy as he is, everything's gold!

Christmas Eve, Eve, we got the party started and had my family over for dessert and games. We all decided it was a really good idea to go to breakfast the next morning, so that's how we started Christmas Eve! 
Someone was excited to eat!
We ended up going to Blue Plate and man, it did not disappoint. We got some mean omelets, and Rad's been loving himself some mac'n cheese lately... For every single meal. So naturally that's what he got. Along side pancakes. Two year olds, I tell ya!
Thanks for breakfast number 2,445,666, Dad!

That night we headed to Wren's family's house for their 37th annual Christmas Eve party! This party makes Christmas Eve so special and includes an amazing dinner, stories, home videos, jammies, and gift exchange! It's so much fun and Rad is in love with his cousins so anything they're at is just plain old awesome sauce for him. We didn't see the kids during the entire dinner... Naughty babies didn't eat because they were too busy playing with each other! What the hay though... It's Christmas Eve, right?
I'm so in love with my little family.
Folding their short little arms for the prayer. I die!
I could just die over these babies in their adorable, matching jammies!
And the picture below is so precious, everyone checkin' baby Everest!
1,2,3. 1,2,3.
There's the money!
Mommy and her guys! 
I tried multiple times to get a good shot with them. This was the best one if that says anything.
Love our Withers family!
When we got home we played with Rad's new toy...
... And decorated cookies for Santa!
Those big little hands!
Everything's all set for Santy Clause!
Opening presents on Christmas day with a two years old is the stuff dreams are made of!
He loved and was so thankful for each of his presents. He kept saying, "I'm EXCITED!", as he'd open each one!
Evy Bear was way excited too. Can you tell?
And we got super lucky with a white, WHITE Christmas!
After we opened up our own presents as a little family, we headed over to my family's house to open gifts with them! I feel bad because our memory card in our camera was full so we didn't get any shots of them, but it's okay. Let's just say they weren't exactly camera ready anyway.
I.E. This...
Is that an Affliction shirt, Rache? Cool.
Speaking of Rache, she gave Radcliff a frickin' gold fish, bless her cold little heart. Anyone want a gold fish???
These are pretty much the only shots we got at my parents.
Love my family too!

And that night we celebrated with my cousins over a great big dinner and good old conversation. Sad I didn't get any pictures of that either!

We are so lucky to have such amazing families that live so close to us and that spoil us beyond words. Having both Radcliff, and Everest, made this the best Christmas yet!
I hope you all had a great Christmas this year!