Monday, December 22, 2014

What Christmas Means To Me!

With Christmas getting closer and closer, I've been thinking a lot about my family and how incredibly lucky I am to have all of them. It rocks my world how much I love my own little family. The family that Wren and I made. I look at our two strong, smart, happy, kind and healthy little boys, and can't comprehend life without them. They're ours! And watching Wren with them... He's just the best Dad. It's crazy what a good Dad he is. He's constantly taking care of, worrying, playing and loving them. He always says, "Sav, does it ever just make you want to cry how much you love them?" ALL.THE.TIME! It makes me feel inadequate how much I rely on Wren. I grow more and more in love with him everyday. 

And our own families. It's not even normal how much we love both of them. Both of our parents are always there for us, in every way and our siblings are our best friends. We are so lucky that his family feels like mine, and mine like his.

Christmas to me means getting to spend tons and tons of time with all of them. I'm trying my hardest not to concentrate on the material aspect of Christmas this year... The gifts, the never ending list of things I've been trying to get done all month. These two boys I tell you! It's not normal how many sittings I've had just trying to get my gifts wrapped. I always have to put it away because big brother just wants to help, bless his little heart! But that's not the stuff that really matters.

I'm excited to start new traditions this year with my little family and introduce little Bear to the traditions we grew up with, with our own families! It's his first Christmas! Holidays are so meaningful with kids. What are your favorite traditions to do with your little kids on Christmas Eve and Christmas??? Always looking for new ideas!

I'm so thankful for the little network of friends I've made through this blog, and am sorry my postings are getting fewer and farther between. Thanks for still reading and I hope you all have a great Christmas!