Thursday, January 8, 2015

Oh Just Me Talkin'

I feel like a terrible mom sometimes because I was able to write down so much when Radcliff was a baby and I just simply have not had the time with these two cave men running the joint, to write very much about my Evy Bear. And he's just the sweetest little Evy Bear Boy around. He deserves lots of things to be remembered about him!

He loves laying on the floor and watching TV. Yes, I let my two month old watch the tube in the morning while I take a quick shower. I'll come down and he'll be squealing and kicking away to the fine woman on Good Things Utah. He thinks Michelle Money is hot, I can tell. He doesn't love nursing like Rad did. He's a wam, bam, get em' done kinda guy. I feel so used. Hold me. He's been sleeping pretty good at night and kind of cat naps throughout the day unless he's in his carseat or being held... Then he's out for the long haul. He loves his mamaroo and gets scared of the balls that hang from it at least twenty times per sitting. He'll be looking, looking around the room, and BAM. He sees the balls again and jumps, scared as can be and then smiles at them and repeats the whole thing over again. I could watch it all day. He loves being swaddled at night and will fall asleep anytime if I put a blanky over his face (I only do this when I'm holding him, obviously). Rad was so Mr. Alert and Bear's just fly by the seat of his pants, kinda guy. He's easy going. He still falls dead asleep in the car and will sleep for a really long time if I let him stay in his carseat when we get home. It's like the second he's in that thing, he's out for the next two hours. He is so easy peasy we can't even believe it. And of course, he gets kissed five million times a day. Oh and he just loves Radcliff so much. The second he hears his voice he gets so excited and gets his fat little legs going. XOXO!

Life with two kids is getting easier and easier. I've been able to stagger their schedules which has been awesome in getting lots of one on one time with each of them. Everest wakes up a couple hours before Rad so I get to feed and hang out with him for a couple hours. Then he goes down about the time Rad is waking up. Rad is like a teenager, waking up anywhere for 9:30 to 11:00. OMG. Then I get an hour or so with Rad and the rest of the day kind of follows that order. At night we but Ev down a couple hours before Rad so the three of us can hang out and do "adult" activities. Ha ha, but really. Rad's two going on sixteen. 

It's amazing how I can literally not stop once the entire day with both of them needing me. By the time Wren gets home I can barely even wait for him to get the mail from the mailbox as he's coming in. I'm like, get in here NOW! Life's just so much more fun when he's around. It's crazy how much love I can have for my Tom, Dick, and Harry's (Not applicable? Humor me!)

Well, both the boys are down and I want to eat ALL the food in the whole entire world and talk Wren's ear off. 

 And now I'll leave you with these lovely ladies...
...They'll even loan to animals and dead people. 
And their style? Bangin'!