Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mother's Day!

As always, Wren made Mother's Day extra special this year and we celebrated the whole weekend. He took the boys to Ikea, early Saturday morning, to get some organizers for Rad's playroom (something I have wanted for SO long!) and so I could sleep in. People, PEOPLE, I slept in until 11;30... WHAT!? I haven't done that in ages, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of a little Christmas miracle! I'm the lightest sleeper EVER, and he somehow got both boys fed and dressed super quietly, and I didn't hear a dang thing! It was amazing. That afternoon, Wren's mom and dad took his sisters and I out and treated us little mamas to lunch and after, to a cute outfit of our choice from Old Navy! It was so much fun! 

Sunday morning, he let me sleep in again and went grocery shopping with the boys for my favorite breakfast foods! He brought home a beautiful orchid and had the boys make the most adorable hand print cards with all the reasons they loved me on the back. I think he helped Bear with his card a little bit ;) They were so adorable! And speaking of cards, MOO's postcards would have made the cutest Mother's Day cards! Maybe next year!? 

After breakfast, we went to church with Wren's family to watch his sister speak, and then Wren's dad made us a delectable dinner. Radcliff woke up that day feeling kind of sick, and by that point in the day he was completely done, and Bear needed to go to bed like no one's business, so Wren stayed home with both of them I headed to my Grandma's house for another awesome dinner with my Dad's side of the family. And then after that we went over to my other Grandma's house for some R&R with the ladies. It was such a fun day!

At first I was sad the boys weren't going to join me to go to my Grandmas' houses, but as I was driving home I thought about all the long conversations I was able to have with everyone and I wasn't that sad anymore. Sometimes moms just need a break for a little while! And that's exactly what this weekend was. A much needed break and time spent with my family. I love my family and for all the spoiling that was done! Love you all!