Friday, May 15, 2015

Love Grows Here

It's no secret that our little family loves hanging out outside in our yard together in the evenings. There's something so therapeutic about relaxing outside, after a long day, breathing in the fresh air, and coming to the realization that everything that stressed me out throughout the day, wasn't even a big deal, like at all. I love sitting back and watching my handsome, healthy boys happily playing together! You'll find Mr. Everest Bear jumping with his fat little legs in his swing or rolling around on a blanket laid out on the grass, gumming his toys, watching in jealousy and amazement as Radcliff cruises, like speed lightening, all around the driveway on his bike. Wren and I will get in little bits and pieces of yard work, here and there, while kicking or throwing a ball to Rad. We always try to include Rad in helping us with the yard work. Whether it be helping me weed or water the plants, or helping Daddy mow the lawn, we think it's so important to establish good work ethic in our boys while they're young, and when they actually think it's cool to help with stuff!  
That tongue.., It seriously kills me! It's out all day long and I think I might bite it clean off if he's not careful!
After reading about how detoxifying to the air that indoor plants can be, I have been really into bringing a little bit of the outdoors, inside, by scattering them around the house...
They just make everything feel super fresh!

Personal Creations was kind enough to send us over the adorable Heart Stepping Stones with my boys' names on them, that I will treasure forever and ever! The Juniper Bonsai Tree and the Azalea Bonsai Tree were sent by Pro Plants and I'm obsessed with these mini little trees! I received them just a couple days before Mother's Day and they just made my Mother's Day that much sweeter and inspired this #LoveGrowsHere post. Thank you, thank you!