Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July, 2015!

4th of July this year was seriously one of the best days yet! It was jam packed to the brim, and it was so nice and refreshing getting the heck outta the house, away from laundry, dishes, and more laundry, and spending every second having fun with my guys. 

First, we woke up early and rode/walked in our neighborhood parade. Rad was a tough guy and almost made it the whole way on his push bike!    
Who are those handsome guys???
Meet our new neighbor Grey.
She's Rad's little lady. Seriously? I want to cry when I see the two of them. Grey is so super sweet to my sensitive boy and he's so in love with her. I just adore her to the moon and back!
Best playmates ever!
The parade ended in the park, where we were met with a big breakfast. We ate while the kids played (and took bites in between slide runs).
After the morning festivities, we headed out to another fun park where we met Rad's cousins and had water fights with squirt guns! Boo ya! When everyone had enough of being shot, we headed for pizza!
Bear loves him some Hoo Hoo and cousin Lilly!

We came home for a quick re-group...
My silly buddy!
Then we went over to my Aunt's house for a BBQ and swimming! I don't know if there's anything I like more than sitting by a pool, listening to music, enjoying a hamburger and watching my boys play in the pool! It felt so 4th of July of us!
It brought Rad so much joy to push Wren in the pool!
My lovers.
Then of course all the guys had to compete doing tricks off the diving board.
Even Cha Cha had herself a little fun!
Grandpa time!
But the fun didn't stop there...
We then headed to Rad's girlfriend's house for some driveway fireworks.
I just can't get over their little love affair!
And we were shocked that the boys were still hanging on, so we thought, what the hay. Let's take them to watch some big fireworks!
And let me tell you what, watching fireworks from the back of our truck bed, with ice cream (and a baba for Bear), was like, bomb. Easy set up, easy exit, lots of snuggling. In true form, Rad was scared and may have said things like, "That firework reminds me of food that makes me gag." And, "That one reminds me of a dead moose." Mhh. So we put him in the back of the truck bed. And of course, Bear didn't even flinch with the first one. How can siblings be so different?! 

So in love with my little family.

I'm also so in love with our country and the way it lets us raise our boys. When I think of our country, I often think of all of the families in different countries with children that go hungry or don't have an education or don't even have a family, and it really just sickens me. It's not fair. We are so blessed to be able to raise our families in this amazing country. Thank you to all who have fought for everything we have here.