Thursday, July 16, 2015

Radcliff's 3rd Birthday!

It was our big boy, Radcliff's, 3rd birthday yesterday! What??? How can he be 3? I can't believe how fast it's gone. Sheesh. It was just the funnest of days, and days like these are the days I always want to remember! 

We woke up to a Whole Foods breakfast that Wren brought home and a Lego firetruck! We built and ate and Rad was being so adorable saying the cutest, gratuitous things. After, we headed down to City Creek to let Rad pick out a couple toys from his favorite place, the Disney Store! I swear he just likes looking at everything more than actually getting something. It's so fun to watch his little face light up as he looks at all the stuff. We went to Kneaders for lunch and Bear had a big blowout, and Wren changed it on the booth bench, among the busy restaurant of people eating. There were people in both adjoining booths who probably wanted to kill us, but it was too bad to even make the long jaunt to the bathroom. And then we ran out of wipes half way through and had to start dipping napkins in our cups of water. It was one of our finer moments and Radcliff was trying his best not to gag. Life with kids, man. We came home and somehow everyone was able to take a family nap! Heaven!

When we woke up, it was party time! We invited our families and close friends over, and it was so much fun hanging with everyone!
Who's that photo bomber!?
The kids decorated their toy planes...
...and even got their faces painted by the one and only artist, JJ!
That bunny!? I die!
Rad was a little nervous to get his face painted so he just watched and finally relented to having a clover painted on his arm.
Mustache man, Jamison!
Radcliff, buddy. I love every inch of you. You have been the biggest joy to us over the last three years. We love your witty comments, your sweetness, and your zest for life. Everything is exciting with you and we hope you know how much we love you! 

Here's to being three!