Friday, February 19, 2016

Goodbye House, Hello House. Boise 101.

So we sold our house today. But are renting it back for one more week. Strange... It's kind of an odd feeling to be living in a house we have loved (and sometimes hated) so much and that we've both put sooo much work into, and then living here but not owning it anymore. I'm not quite sure how to feel about it. 

This has been a house of so many firsts. First time parents, first baby, first steps, first words... A million little firsts. Our home has housed many sleepless nights, dance parties, busy days, boring days, a BILLION baths, five billion meals, and SO many cars driven on SO many type of surfaces. Lol! I've spent so many happy hours nursing my babies in quiet rooms in this house, singing them to sleep, and trying my hardest to dodge the creaks in the old hardwoods on my way out of their rooms after I slowly laid them in their cribs. A million little memories. Sheesh. It kind of hurts my heart as I type and think back!

It's weird. Every time I would think forward to the day we'd be saying goodbye to our first home, I thought I'd be beyond devastated to leave all of the wonderful memories behind that I'll always hold so dear to my heart. But you know what? I'm not leaving them! I get to take all those firsts, and all those wonderful memories with me, wherever I go. And most importantly, I get to take the guys, the STARS, of all of those memories with me! They're pretty amazing, those guys.

I've had so many people ask me where and why we are moving so I'll explain here. Select Health, the company Wren works for, expanded into Boise, Idaho, a couple years back, and the guy up there wanted Wren to come up and work up there. At first we thought, no way Jose. We are so close to our families and are obsessed with Salt Lake, why would we ever leave? But through a series of events and incentives we just couldn't pass up (one being that we would only need to stay a year and if we wanted to come back we could), we were and still are so shocked at how right it all feels, and how at first we hardly gave it a second thought. They brought us up there a couple of times and we just fell in love with Boise! It felt so much like home! We eventually decided it's what we should do. 

And then came the whirlwind... We listed our house and it went under contract within a day. A couple weeks later, we headed up to Boise again to look for houses and after looking at so many wrong ones, I can't even explain how right it felt the second we walked into this house. I get a little emotional just looking at it because of how right it felt.
We put an offer in a couple hours after looking at it, and they accepted our offer the next morning. I can't believe how quick it all went, and how everything has just been perfectly timed for it to all work out. I feel like even the last couple years have led up to this point for it to work out so smoothly and I know without a doubt it's where we are supposed to be! It will be hard to move away from family and friends, but I have to keep reminding myself it's only 4 1/2 hours away, and we can come back anytime! And could ultimately be back in a year, if we choose. We have nothing to lose and it will be such such a great move for Wren's career.

We close on our house up there next Friday which kind of feels like a dream. I've had this Imogen Heap song on repeat all week and it goes, 'What does this story know? Where does this story go? What does this story hold?' I'm so excited to find out.