Monday, October 26, 2015

Everest's 1st Birthday!

My biggest Bear Boy turned ONE on Saturday! How can it be??? This year has flown at lightening speed. Like, really. I can't even describe how fast it's gone! And it's been the best year yet! Bear completes our little family. What would we ever do without his hilarious, brave, hungry and independent self??? He's just been the easiest baby ever with the sweetest little demeanor. Oh man. I want to bite his cheeks off!

With lots of help (as in she did the whole thing!) from Wren's mom, we threw Bear a Monster Mash birthday party! All the cousins dressed up and Hollie planned so many cute activities for the little people. Bear was all crawling around like the little monkey he was. His little tail was killing me! He'd crawl with his feet and hands, and he looked just like a monkey prancing up a tree! 

Here he is with his new little monster fur ball. He loves anything that is fuzzy. Immediate face plant!
As always, Hollie's spread of food was amazing.
Bear is so lucky to have cousins and a brother that love him so!
So shockingly, the person that loves food more than anyone, hated his smash cake. Poor Bear. Glad I was lazy, and just got a cupcake rather than a special cake. He wouldn't even touch it! Ha!
And thank goodness for my big naked baby, he opened all the gifts that Bear wanted nothing to do with. Who wants to open presents when there's a flight full of stairs to climb, right in front of 'em?! All he wants to do is climb.
But once the gifts were open, in heaven he was!
Classic Bear face right there!
Bear. Your Mommy, and Daddy and Brother just can't get enough of you!
Thanks for coming to us. You've rocked our world in the best way possible!