Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Robin Egg Blue By My Sissy. . .

I don't know about everyone else but for a while there i felt as if robin egg blue had become a forgotten color. Now, I've always loved it and i don't know if it has just come back into style or what but lately i have had this new obsession with it. Anything of that color i have got to have and it seams as if splashes of it have started filling my life. For instance, this blue ring that can always be found on my finger. 
or my new favorite shoes that are that color. (i don't have a picture of them currently.)
I guess i am not the only one that is loving this color lately tho because i see it everywhere. Here are some cute things i have found. 
antique style loft with accents of the blue.
cutest fingernail polish ever
way cute wedding decoration i want at my wedding cuz this just might have to be one of my colors.
i don't even like heels but i love these shoes.
the color i am going to paint my new room
the color i want my kitchen to be someday along with those appliances. i saw that kitchenaid at bed bath and beyond just the other day and it's even cuter in real life.
there is so much that you can do with this color and it's very in right now. its just the right balance of modern and vintage.