Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For the Love of Bedrooms

Ever since I can remember I have had a fetish with bedrooms.  My mom has said about me, "What 14 year old is out buying bedding?"  Right here thank you very much.  I have way too many blankets, duvets, pillows, sheets, to even count.  I have a problem.  But there is nothing I enjoy more than going into my bedroom with the bed made, the sheets clean, lamps turned on, turning down the bed, curling up watching TV or reading a magazine.... but even more importantly I LOVE a stylin bedroom.  I am way funny about the comfort of any room, especially my bedroom.  I love clean lines with fuzzy pillows and pops of color with cozy blankets covering the bed and dim lamp light.  And there ain't no one who likes a big white bed spread as much as this cat.  I love inviting rooms period.  One's that say, sit your butt down Sav and stay awhile!  Anyway, below are some of my favorite bedrooms featured on  Enjoy     
Love this magazine BTW, you should all subscribe ;)


OBSESSED with the tiling in this room!  Could you die? 

 LOVE the furry pillows on this bed.  They make the whole room.  
Do you not love this green tree wallpaper?  It's so cute with the yellow walls, black and white pillow, and pineapple lamp base.

 You know who loves this leopard blanket ;)
 Look how cute this mirrored desk is.... love it!    

I love platform beds, and the lime green fuzzy pillows, again, make the room.  I also love the connective nightstands to the bed and the frames over the bed.  

 K I can't get over the light pink mirror with the simple white bed, bright pink pillows, and white curtains.  SO cute.  The chair is the icing on the cake ;)

Winner gets a prize.  What does this picture to the left remind you of?
Wouldn't this be so cute for your kids?  Just shove em all in one room and call it good ;)
 The pattern to this red and white bedspread is so cute.  I also love the picture above the bed.  This room is a mixture of new and old and I LOVE it!

 Again, love this white and red bed spread.  Normally I'm not a red person, but I love it. 

There is something about this room that I like.  Maybe it's the gray curtains hanging down.
 Would you not die to have this stair case?  I LOVE!

This bed is so dang cool.  That little stool is perfect too ;)
 Who wants this view to wake up to?  I DO!
I would pay an arm and a leg for this bed frame.  Everything about it is perfect.

I also love the bed frame here too.  
 This would be my husband's dream room.  The brightly  colored canvas with a bed no one had to make. 

The lamp shades here are way too cute.  I love how tall they are!
 This black bed frame is TO DIE!  Oh my gosh, I love it with the white pillows too.  Everything about this room is working.

I'm a sucker for black and white.
Love the blue chair.

This blue chandelier is so dang cute.  When I have a house, there will be a brightly colored chandelier hanging in every room ;)

Obsessed with the light pink drapes in this room.

I love this pink bedspread, and even funnier, depending on how your feeling about your husband that night, place either the "yes" or "no" pillow on his side.  I'm sorry, but I HAD to say it.  It would be hilarious!

Hope you enjoyed!