Monday, May 30, 2011


WHAT?  These could be yours for FREE!
Hey everyone. Cami with All Things Lovely is doing a super fun giveaway starting Tuesday, June 1st, for the two handmade pillows above, made by none other than, yours truly. I think they are quite cute if I do say so myself! You? Anyway, these puppies could be yours for free by doing a few simple things, so easy, you gotta go check it out! PLUS, her blog is awesome, I love reading it, and you will too! She's hilarious and has the cutest ideas, you should really follow it!

AND if you haven't followed my blog yet, I think you totally should if you like reading it :) AND I even made a button! What? Yes... SERIOUSLY! I'm very proud of this little button too because it was HARD :) But you could add it to your blog if you want. Will you? I would love you forever! AND again, totally head on over to All Things Lovely for the giveaway tomorrow....  

Hope you had a great weekend! I know I DID!