Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today we slept in and had a wonderfully lazy morning.  Wren made us smoothies, I took a bath, and then we went to Eden's soccer game.  They won and Eden is the best goalie on the block!  You go sister :)

On the way home, we stopped at Thanksgiving Point to buy me some of these..... 
My weakness, chocolate covered sea foam.  BTW, it's half as cheap at Thanksgiving Point than anywhere else I've looked.  It's worth the trip, plus I LOVE the store too.  We also got samples and fudge and they have the funnest old school candy down there.  Candy you would remember buying when you were little.  I wanted to buy all of it, but refrained and walked away with just these....  
Do you remember them?  My dad would always buy these for me when I was little.  They are the little candy lipsticks.  I LOVE them and a COMPLETE blast from the past.  I'm going to eat one now, scratch my tongue all up in the process (these and Fun Dip would always do a number on my poor tongue) and put myself even further in a candy coma.  I'm just so tired from eating almost half a pound of sea foam and almost a WHOLE salad at Cafe Rio!  Wow I'm a girl who appreciates putting things into my mouth.

But on to more important news.  I decided to go with these bad boys yesterday... 
Don't you LOVE them?  I do.  Eden did too :)
Sorry, I had to crop my face out, I was looking JUST that fantastic today :)
Anyway, hope you all had a great Saturday.  I'm going to keep laying around in bed listening to the rain.   YES!