Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Attire

This dreary rainy weather is getting real darn old by now.  Do you know what my mom told me?  In April, there were only four days in SLC that it didn't rain.  Now that's depressing.  I feel like May is gonna end up the same ol' thing different month.  We totally got juked on a nice Spring :(  Oh well, I guess it makes for great snoozing in the AM.  

Anyway, I have been dreaming of warm weather and everything that it entails....BBQs, eating outside at restaurants, picnics, WOW all of my activities include food huh?  Go figure.  And doesn't it seem by the time winter is finally over, all your old summer clothes lost the appeal they had the year previous?  I do.... 

Well today I was looking at  I love everything they have and found SO many cute summer clothes. I decided to put together a couple cute outfits for summer.  Thank you Piperlime!

This one is a little more casual.  Don't you love that purse?  This cat does...  
This whole outfit is light, comfortable, and well.... just screams SUMMER BABY!  
This one is on the dressier side, but is still comfortable, minus the shoes, just lookin at those puppies makes the balls of my feet cramp up, but they are SO dang cute.  It's safe to say I'm pretty much obsessed with whites and yellows right now.  I think both look way too cute with navy blue. 

Both of these outfits would be rockin with the accessories below.  Don't you love the color scheme?  Yes... I know.  

I hope you were able to gain a little inspiration for new summer clothes you may be contemplating purchasing.  Any of these items can be found here.  I bet you didn't know what the website was thought huh?  I didn't include it next to any of the items :)  

K, happy Friday ladies and gents, I will be hittin the snooze button in the morning.  Where will you be?