Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Recipe and Which Shoe?

Tonight at 6:00 PM, marks the beginning of three LONG days of freedom for me, very fitting on this Memorial Day weekend wouldn't ya say?  No work.... and I can't even contain my excitement!  Wren and I are headed up to mountain bike tonight and I can't wait to be up there and not have to think about anything (except for falling off my bike, cross your fingers I don't) and spending time with the man I call mine :)  But what I'm even more thankful for than this three day weekend, is our continual freedom.  It's important to remember that freedom was not free.  I am so thankful for all of the people who have risked their lives and died so that we can be free today.  Thank you from the bottom of my baby girl heart.   

In celebrating this fine holiday, I think I am going to make this recipe (what's really good too is if you add chocolate chips to the dough, this recipe doesn't call for it, but do it, you won't be sorry) But it's called Fruit Pizza and my cute mother in law makes it on occasion, and puts the chocolate chips in too (can you tell I'm really concerned that you put the chocolate chips in?  Don't forget....) and it is TO DIE FOR.  Have you ever tried it?  If you haven't, really you must :)  

This one would be so cute, and fitting for the up-coming weekend.  
Delish looking huh?

AND, I might wander over and buy these pretties tonight....
found here

or possibly these.....
found here

I need your help, which ones to do you like better?

We'll see, the weekend is young and there are so many possibilities and I am just so happy!

Happy Memorial Day everyone, have a fantastic weekend!