Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Website After My Own Heart

So I was reading All Things Lovely today (you should check this blog out, you'll love it) and Cami mentioned a website called and how awesome it is.  SO, of course I had to pick up my chubby little finger and click the link, and boy is it fun....go check it out.  It really is so great!  I'm still trying to figure it out, but basically I think you can set up a profile and then just post pictures in your albums of your favorite things.  So anything cute you run across day to day that you want to save for later, you can just upload it to your account at Pinterest and then can look back on them.  But everyone can see and share what they love.  I think that's the jest of it anyway.  But go check it out, it's the greatest find this side of the Mississippi.  It's going to be the next best thing to FB, just you wait :)

Here are some of my favorites....(You can click on this links above the pictures if you want to see more favorites by the person who posted it)

Isn't wrapping this yarn around these boxes the cutest idea?  Way cheap too.... Love it!  Found Here.
Love the heart shaped maps.  She suggested to cut out your favorite places and cut them into hearts.  So cute.  This one found here
And this one found here.
I thought this was a brilliant idea if you're wondering what to do with a blank canvas.  It would be so easy too! Found here.
I want this exact nursery for my fat baby girl someday.  Isn't it perfect?!  Found here.  
This necklace holder is such a great idea.  Found here
Isn't this a darling way to display the alphabet in a nursery?  Yes it is :)  Love that color too.  Found here.
It's a known fact I'm a sucker for pillows... and aren't these to DIE FOR?!  YES they are!  Found here.
Another cute idea for wrapping gifts.  Found here.
K I LOVE these colors together.... how cute for a party?  Found here
Isn't this a great idea for making heart shaped cupcakes?  So easy :)  Found here.
I love this idea with glass bottles.  So pretty.  I could do this for all of the super fabulous dinner parties I host ALL the time.....Not ;)  But maybe for Wren and I?  He'd die laughing if he came home to this, but what the heck, I just might.  Found here.
I think these letter pressed pictures are so fun.  Found here.
Everywhere I look I have been seeing ideas with glass jars hanging on the walls with flowers in them.  I think it is so cute and a great way to celebrate spring!  Found here.
Okay aren't these the cutest little legs you have ever seen?  GREAT idea for baby girl pics.  Love it!  Found here.
And this little shark outfit?  TO DIE FOR!  Same with his legs.... so chubalicious!  Found here.
This would be so easy, just spray paint old jam jars and wala!  Such a cute idea :)  Found here.
These hearts are way fun.  It's just melted crayon shavings sandwiched between two pieces of wax paper.  Found here.  
Hope you enjoyed.  Wander over there and see what things you love!  Happy Wednesday :)