Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jen's New Pad AND Hair

 The other day as I was going to my Yahoo inbox, when an article sparked my interest....  I read that Jennifer Aniston recently purchased a one-bedroom penthouse apartment in NYC's West Village and it looked awesome.  So I went on over to Elle Decor's website and found lots of pictures of this baby and I am in love with it.  It has huge windows, white walls, fabulous decor, and views of the city.  How fun would that be?  You could run down to the corner, get some award winning pizza, bring it back up, and eat it while staring at views of the city.... I know what I want :)  

AND, member how I mentioned last week that I always wanted my parents to buy the condo above our condo downtown so we could combine them with a windy staircase?  WELL, this is exactly what Jen is doing (I don't know if with a windy staircase or not) but she bought this 18th floor apartment as well as the apartment below it, on the 17th floor, and is going to connect them together.  AND hopefully with a windy staircase like I always dreamed of (do it for me Jen), for a combined 2,700 square foot pad with an additional 900 square feet of outdoor space.  

Look how cute....       

This patio would be so fun!  Go outside, drink hot chocolate in the morning, do yoga, take a nap, read a book, cuddle with your honey, the possibilities are just ENDLESS :)

What do ya think?

And, in other important news :) did you see that Jen just died her hair dark?  Do you like it?  It definitely makes her eyes pop.
Do you like it better than this?  I personally love this long bob!
Or perhaps this is still your favorite....
I know my dad loves it :)

Well, I just love Jen because she is always so amazingly personable on Oprah and I think we could be great friends.  In my head we are :)

Have a great Tuesday, aren't you glad Monday is over?  Me too :)