Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chairs in Bathrooms...

Call me crazy, but I have been on the prowl for a cute chair to put in my bathroom.  But it has to be perfect, because let's face it, it's going in a bathroom.  I have a big area with nothing right under the windows.... 
We all know I enjoy myself nightly bubble baths.  I always want Wren to sit in and talk to me about our day while I soak.  BUT he's not the most flexible of boys and nothing sounds worse to him then sitting Indian style on the floor.  SO, since I have the space, have the need, and Kerri Russell has one in her bathroom....
.....why the heck not?

So, here are some cute chairs I found on KSL.  Which ones are your favorite for that spot?

I love black, so one of these would be really cute!
This one might be too big... but still super fabulous!  Wren could sit down like King Tut on this baby!
LOVE these white chairs!  I think these might be my favorite.  I could put one in front of the computer and one in the kitchen as well.
I think this brown chair would be super cute and would look great with a bright colored pillow on it.  Do you?
These are AWESOME!  Think how cute if I painted the wood white?  But they could have bed bugs... maybe not worth it :)
So you help me decide okay?  THANKS!