Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Through Pictures

Despite having to work on Saturday, it was just THE best weekend.  I'm sure it was due to the gorgeous weather we were blessed with.  Life is just better when it's sunny and warm.  

First up,
Wren and I went for these

I went and saw this
with my cute girlfriends and loved it.  Colin Egglesfield
is quite possibly my ALL time new favorite.  What a BABE!

My parents took us to dinner here
and we ate WAY TOO MANY of these bad boys
Oh my gosh, heaven rolled up in a basket.  My mouth is now watering.

While we waited to be seated, we ran over to Macy's where I found these pretties
 Saying I love gold bangles is an understatement, so when I saw these with the green diamonds (they're real too :) Didn't you know diamonds are going for $12.99 now?) and THAT price, how could I say no?  Boo ya mama!

We went to Wren's parents for hamburgers and had WAY too much fun taking these

I know, mine is down right frightening, I debated even putting it on actually.... but I hope it serves some comedic value to you on this Monday afternoon.

I got to meet my new nephew puppy Cakes.  Isn't he a DOLL?  He's my friend Sara's new pup.

LOVE him :) Look how funny, he couldn't even be away from her while she took a bath.  He had to sit and watch her.  FYI, I was not in the bathroom either, she sent me this pic.  I know you were worried :)

I captured this insanely pretty and oddly shaped rainbow.

Can you believe that?

And splurged, buying two new Shellac colors.  $16 each basically sucks, but doesn't once my nail polish stays on forever and ever.

BTW, if anyone wants me to Shellac them, I will for SUPER cheap just because I am feeling so nice :)

I drove with the windows down all weekend, music blaring and whip my hair back and forth :)  Seriously though, I LOVE windows down & music up!  Few things compare to this.... 

And LAST, Wren and I sat outside last night with the most perfect sunset and weather and washed, waxed, and deep cleaned our cars.  Call me crazy, but I loved every second of it.  I could LIVE outside when the weather is this nice!

I hope you all had great weekends as well!

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