Friday, June 3, 2011

Delicious Healthy Dinner Made by None Other than WREN Himself!

My husband came home from Sunflower Market yesterday with a TON of food and meals planned for the entire week.... Isn't he a lover?  He is a super healthy one-of-a-kind dude, so it is awesome to have a savory (I have never used this word in my life and kind of feel weird about it, but it totally fits) AND nutritious meal.... So meal number one everyone, you ready?  You better be because it is deliciously fabulous!  I'm going to explain it through pictures (don't you wish ALL cook books had step my step pictures?  I can spend an ETERNITY trying to figure out what the heck a recipe wants me to do...) 

Now, I'm sure most of you have made an egg sandwich before, but this is not your NORMAL everyday egg sandwich guys, it's has my hub's MAGIC twist.  Here we go, straight from Wren's Kitchen ;)
Grab the Olive Oil and pour a little bit in your pan and turn the burner to medium heat.  There will absolutely be NO measurements of any kind for this cat so do whatever amounts of each thing suits your fancy...
While the oil is warming, crack maybe like 5 or 6 eggs in a bowl and whisk a little milk in until blended together.  Pour into pan (I know, I could have just said pretend like you're making scrambled eggs, only don't scramble the eggs please, and we could have bypassed everything up to this point, BUT I'm being a PROFESSIONAL so play along would ya? Thank you)
While the eggs are cooking.  Cut up some green onions.  Yes I had never heard of green onions until my cute mother in law informed me of what they were a couple months ago.  Here's what they look like if it is unknown to you as it was me
Then slice some of these puppies up....
Meanwhile, your eggs should be looking something like this.  Dump some salt and pepper on them as they are cooking.
Now sprinkle some of this magic pesto sauce mix (you can use this in so many recipes and it is excellent!) over the eggs.  Don't do a ton, but don't do a tiny.... got me?
BTW, isn't he a babe?
Make sure you have some of this Aspen Mills Squaw bread as well.  Have you ever had it?  Seriously you will think you died and gone to heaven, and it is very healthy for you and TEN times better than even the whitest of wonder breads, lets face it, that preservative filled crap is delicious unfortunately.  Anyway, use this bread, it's a make or break deal for the meal.... dang I'm good, that rhymed :) 
Get out some slices for your sandwich.  Okay I'm going to say it, get TWO slices out, one for each side of the sandwich.  I bet you didn't know sandwiches had TWO pieces of bread did you?  Now you know.
Slab your egg patty on there and top with onions and tomatoes (sorry no picture, Wren was looking at me like a crazy person so I refrained myself)
And WALA ladies and gentlemen.... Wren's Egg Pesto Sandwich.
WITH some Spicy Pork Italian Sausage.  I don't think I need to explain how to make that :)  Although I could be annoying and do it, but again, I'll refrain from stating the obvious anymore today.
See... look how good this SANDWICH makes Wren look?!! HA, it's JUST that good!  I was in heaven while partaking, but had just showered so was sportin' the sopping wet hair look and zit zapper on my TWO giant zits, so a picture was just SIMPLY out of the question for me last night.  

AND yes, we are just THAT ghetto and lazy that we eat dinner in bed....

Well I hope you enjoyed the recipe, go make one already will ya?!  

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