Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Poor Husband's Accident :(

So yesterday Wren went mountain biking with his little sis.  
They were on a fairly easy trail and as Wren was riding down, his left foot hit a rock so he tried to balance himself out by setting his right foot on the dirt, but was going way too fast and the sprockett (the thing that the chain wraps around on the bike) sliced his leg open......

Crazy gross huh?! 

His little sister Eden was a champ.  Despite being petrified, she pushed all the insides back into his leg and held it together with her hands as he tied his shirt around the wound to stop the bleeding.  He then proceeded to ride a mile down the canyon with his leg in the air to prevent the blood from rushing down his leg.  He drove himself to the hospital with his left foot.... Poor guy.  
 His muscles, a tendon, and an artery were all hanging out.  That's what Eden had to push back in.  They said he was very lucky because amazingly he somehow missed the artery.  It's that red piece to the far right.  We don't know how it missed that!  He could have bled to death if it had hit it...  
It was crazy because I could see it pumping the whole time we were waiting in the hospital!  He is a very blessed boy.
He smiled and stayed positive the entire time of course because he is Wren.  It was so sad to watch them spray out the wound with saline.  It looked SO painful!

Six hours and 30 stitches later, we got to go home.
Wren is still getting the hang of his crutches.  He's such a trooper!

Everyone pray that he doesn't have to get surgery for the ripped tendon.  The doctor had very high hopes that he wouldn't so let's hope it stays that way!  We'll find out Wednesday for sure.... 

Anyone's husbands want to buy two really nice mountain bikes?!  ;)  In fact, I'll PAY YOU to take them!  
I'm selling mine too!  :)

Hope your weekend wasn't as eventful as ours!