Friday, July 22, 2011

Night at the Farm with my Cutie :)

Last night Wren met me at Gardner Village to go shopping and get chocolate.  I brought my baby a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cause he was stervin....
Doesn't he look handsome all dressed up?  Everyone at his work asked him if he had an interview and he said, "No, I just went shopping at Ross last night."  :)  LOVE him!  

He also told his worker friends that he can't wait how to learn eyelash extensions so he can perform them on his wife.  They all laughed and laughed but the thing is, he's dead serious guys.  Mark my words, he'll be amazing at them too, and will save TONS of moolah!  You want yours done by him?  K, he'll do em.  He also cuts my hair too which means he currently cuts more hair than I do cause he cuts his own as well.  Now that's sad.  I guess he's replaced the cosmetologist in the family.

ANYWAY, we went and got some chocolate haystacks and my all time fave; sea foam.  Oh words can't express the love I have for sea foam.  

Wren was excited about his haystack...
Can you tell?

I look way too cool for words here.
After we went to Down to Earth and looked at couches.  Let me tell you what, Wren LOVES these types of stores so much, on opposite day that is ;)

Can you tell he's having the time of his life?  He kept looking at way nice couches saying, "Ya, I'd pay $50 for that."  HA.  I told him he should tell the sales associates that, I'm sure they'd get a real kick.
I LOVE him :)
I got a little tired myself so decided to kick back as well....
I sure do love this guy!  Glad he's mine forever :)

Happy Friday!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!
Boating tomorrow? I think we WILL!