Monday, August 1, 2011

Bear Lake 2011

This past week we went to Bear Lake with my family.  As always, it did not disappoint.
Look at my cute boy on crutches.  He is simply TOO funny on them.  We all laughed the whole time.  He's a kicker!  
My cute sissies.  Love them :)
Plus one with my cute mommy.  Don't you love Kate's lips in this pic?
The spinsters with their boyfriends.  
Does this mean they're not spinsters anymore?  I think it just might!
Cutest new yogurt shop called Berry Yogurt.  They have the best flavors of yogurt I have ever encountered plus some cute gourmet cupcakes.  AND some wi-fi for Wren to do his homework :)  
If you ever go to Bear Lake, you must go here.
I got german chocolate fudge yogurt with cheesecake bites and strawberries.  Delish..... :)
Wow, what thick eyebrows you have Sav.  Thanks for those dad :)

Can you tell that Wren was pleased?
Do you like Wren's new boot?  I think it's the funniest thing on the block.
We all got our Sister girl time in.....  Everyone's pretty much obsessed with this baby.
We got our french braid on.... Wren looks like he's taking a snooze in the background.  He's just jealous he can't get HIS hair braided.  
We hung out by the Lake.
Our dads fixed a minor leak. No biggie. 
Cambria made us all bracelets.  You go girl :)
We talked among ourselves till late in the evening.  Wren had ENTIRELY too much fun doing it and Rache's bangs could have desperately used a good washing and straightening.  Just saying :)
We played monopoly with the whole fam.  I finally learned the concept of the game and figured out that I too could buy properties.  
Wren and I camped out under the stars in our very own first tent and sleeping bags.  
We couldn't figure out the setting on our camera to take pictures of the stars, but this is what we got....
The flash was a little startling....
Sadly enough it was time to head home....
We drove home through Logan, and can I just say, it is the cutest, quaintest little town?  It is.

Thanks SO MUCH for all the concern regarding Wren's leg.  He is doing great and does not need surgery thank the heavens above!  So many people were very sweet!