Friday, August 12, 2011

Ma Feet Hurt

Anyone who's anyone has heard me say, "My feet hurt."

It's not like it's a problem or anything....
For some people it's headaches, for others it's their back..... For me it's:
While shopping the other day at Forever 21, my sisters ran this beaut over to me and said, "SANNY, look!  It's perfect!"  
How could I have NOT gotten it?  That pretty salmon lace at the bottom, the gold chain necklace around the collar.  It's a masterpiece if you ask me.  
AND???  If you're lucky, you just might see me sportin this bad boy all around town.... :)

As far as my feet?  I think they're angry with me.  I will never know how in the highest of heavens I made it through beauty school for two years standing in high heels all day.
Maybe their still ticked at me for that....