Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello Tuesday

Sunday we had such fabulous weather here in Salt Lake.
We headed down to Sugar House Park to take some pictures.  
Let me tell you what though, that park is kee-rowded on Sunday!  Yes sir.
Is there something that automatically screams, "Over here, look at me!  I already feel weird about myself for getting my picture taken alone, but that's okay!  Having people stare makes it even more fun....  So keep watching because clearly I'm not blushing."  Freak.
We were on the move to dodge everyone the entire time.  The first spot we chose was right in front of what had to be a 100 person family reunion.  Definitely wasn't going to let them keep watching as Wren took my picture.
We moved.... again, people just couldn't help themselves.  I sang, "Take a picture it will last longer", Wren said, "I am."  Connect the two hemispheres Wren, I wasn't talking to you :)
Anyway, getting your picture taken is ALWAYS awkward but even more so when people are watching. 
I almost just threw in the towel right as we started, but figured putting makeup on for the first time in ages would have been a big fat waste-o.
So I grew big and let it happen.  
Cream Shirt: Target (they have them in EVERY color on sale right now)
Black Shirt: Forever 21 (have had FOREVER)
Pants: Volcom (in love with them, even though they got destroyed in my washing machine along with THIS shirt.  You're mean washing machine)
NecklaceThanksgiving Point (love that little bird, I pretend it's a Wren bird like my husband)
Shoes: Buckle
Husband: Heaven :)

Happy Tuesday people.
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