Monday, October 3, 2011

WWW: Weekend Without Wren.......

As many of you know, Wren went mountain biking over the weekend.
So what better way than to spend a night out (or in, we're married... what?) with my girlies?
We took way too many pictures.....
Ate way too much Cafe Rio and Swirly Girl cupcakes...
And laughed way too hard at who in the heck knows what.
Sara's the bomb diggity at cropping everyone out but me.
Stacie was just havin the grandest of times.
Can you tell?
I revealed to them that I'm very talented because I can actually stick my whole fist in my huge mouth.
"Hold the applause, no, no, you're too kind.  I know, it's amazing....."
I got my dad's "cave" as the dentist calls our large and in charge moufs...
Though I dislike showing off this talent because it makes the corners of my mouth start to crack.
Which sucks....
When Stacie's husband came home, he walked in and just stared at us.
He said, "What did you guys DO all night?"
We were all, "You're lookin at it."
He said, "Ya I asked Stacie before I left, 'Can I set up a movie or something for you guys?'  And Stacie said,  'No we won't watch it.' (which is 100% true, we could never sit through a show without talking) Can you imagine if I did that with my guy friends.  Just sat around talking, eating cupcakes, and doing nothing?"
That would be pretty comical.  It would make for some awkwardly silent times :)  
Sorry guys, what can I say, we're much more easily entertained than you are.

The fun didn't stop there though....
After I left, my little sissy came and slept over so I wouldn't be frightened by ghouls.

We were something else that night....
 Somethin else I tell ya.....
I had a brown mask all over my face (the pictures don't do it justice, my face just looks slightly dirty)
And well.... I don't think I even need to mention the bangs.
Speaking of being able to stick my whole fist in my mouth...
When I told Rache, she was like, 
"Well I can stick a whole disposable camera in my mouth."
Come again?