Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hot Buns and a Crampy Lady

Saturday morning was that time of the month, again.  Funny how it always is.  And man was I in a bad way.  I turned on my heating pad, slapped it on my back, and wedged it between mine and Wren's back (nothing pleases me more than being able to utilize Wren's body for my own comfort).  He jokingly said, "Oh ya, back that thang up girrr....."  But then panic stricken, he stops mid sentence, sits up with this shocked look on his face and says, "Sav, seriously your butt it so hot!"  
Facetiously I thought, "Why thank you." :)
Poor Wren, NO, you know what?  Poor GUYS for that matter.  I'm sure they think us women are up in the night, and it's true, we are.
But speaking of hot butts..... 
Check that one out.  
My husband's got one to die for :)
Funny story.  So I met Wren when we were sophomores in high school, I had a major crush on him along with every other girl at Alta.  The first day I saw him was the first day of 10th grade.  We were in an honors history class in one of those awesome portables.  When the teacher stood up and told us it was an honors class, my friend Victoria turned to me and said, "Savy, we've gotta get out.  This is gonna be hard."  But I saw that cute, curly haired football player sitting behind me and thought, "Like heck I'm getting out....." :)  I wasn't stupid.  Well everyday after that I would purposefully forget a pencil forcing me to ask the only person who might possibly have one.... Wren.  Later he told me he always made sure he came with extra ones to give.  Thank you for that honey.  I'd a failed.  This started the longest standing crush I ever did have.  
A couple months later, mind you I am wearing a denim jumpsuit.  I kid you not, and it wasn't the cute little rompers like they have today.  It was tight long jeans connected to a tight button up denim shirt, that had short sleeves and a denim belt.  It was from GenX.  I was killin it.  Anyway, my friend Kylie and I went to pick Wren up to go shopping one night.  Because he couldn't drive of course.  Because he was 15.  But I thought we were like 20, at least.  When we got to his house, I honked (as only a true lady would).  He ran out with 23 long stemmed roses, because he gave one to his mom, and got in the car.  It was a two door little car so Kylie jumped in the back seat.  It was a tiny back seat, so her face was right in between our faces.  I asked Wren, "Who are those for?"  I honestly thought maybe we were dropping them off at a neighbor's house or something on our way out.  Wren said, "They are for you."  And then he leaned in and whispered in my ear, wait for it....., wait for it....."Will you be my girlfriend?"  My heart melted, I said yes, Kylie was embarrassed to have been there, and later I went home and dipped all the roses in wax and hung them upside down all over my room and there they stayed for the entire year.  Naturally.  But really, how CUTE is that?  He had game at 15.  You do me proud baby.  
And so this brings me to the "hot butt", and the whole reason I am sharing this story.  After school sometimes my friends and I would go watch the boys at football practice, I know WAY cheesy!  What though... we were cool.  We would stare at all the butts on the field and judge who had the cutest buns.  Wren's would always win, and hands down in my book.  Now I get that tush all to myself.  Whoever would have thought?
 What a keeper he is.
Thanks for putting up with this crampy lady dude.  
Love you.