Friday, October 7, 2011

Love Affair with my Wuggle and a Popsicle

Have you heard the news on the street?  I'm having a love affair with some berry poppsies.  And I'm not ashamed in the least.  
You've gotta try :)  It's all I can think about really.  Costo people.

You know what else I have been thinking a lot about lately?  The strange phenomenon that is change.  
For most of you who know me, know I have my particulars.  But suddenly they're all up and changing which is really freaking me out.
My Wuggle in particular of the particulars.  Anyone who knows anything knows my Wuggle and I are a package deal, the real deal.  Where goes I, goes Wuggley.  Let me define my Wuggle: It's this round leopard dream like pillow, that's hollow on the inside, and did I mention it's made out of leopard material?  That's a crucial factor.  It might remind one of the furry round accessories an eskimo princess would place both arms through in the winter months.  I may or may not have pretended I was an eskimo princess on special occasions :)  The purpose of my Wuggle is to place between my legs when I sleep so my knees don't touch.  That thing came on EVERY trip I went on, was used for every nap, and of course every night of my life for about the last 10 years.  
Well Wren was just not having it. He was, how do I put it mildly; bitterly jealous.  He would demand, "K Sav, I hate to do this to you.  But choose.  Me or Wuggle.  What's it going to be?"  And of course if I had to choose, I'd choose the wuggle duh, but he was just threatening, so both they stayed ;)  In fact Wren used to prop the Wuggle length wise so it was standing tall like a proud baby to Sav, and he would sprint over, and drop kick it into the bathroom while I would be getting ready.  The Wuggle would come flying in like thief in the night.  It almost landed in the toilet multiple times which means I almost had heart attacks multiple times which also meant Wren got B-slapped multiple times.  
My Wuggle was the butt of every family/friend joke.
Well this strange and unusual thing started to happen though.  About six months ago I slowly started replacing it with these new normal (Wuggle, you're normal too) pillows I got.  And I felt really guilty actually.  I mean the Wuggle's been there for me through thick and thin.  I still kept it at the foot of my bed for months because I just couldn't get over the fact that the Wuggle was becoming a distant memory.  What's me without Wuggle?  And Wuggle without ME?!  Shoot, I don't know.  
Well after awhile, in all it's apparentcy that the Wuggle was no longer "the other woman" :), I found myself walking it slowly down to our storage unit.  A couple weeks later Wren walks up and says, "Sav.  I NEVER thought in a million and one years that I'd see this.  Is the Wuggle honestly in storage?" Funny how the thing he despised the most was not even realized gone until months and months later.  Captain Obvious.

Wuggle, I will never forget the many years we've shared :)    
Peace and love to change.
Where are you my 8th Popsicle?