Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Package Pals!

So my amazing friend, and not to mention one of the cutest and sweetest girls I know, Gentri, did the funnest thing ever!  She started what's called Package Pals.  Because she has so many cute blog friends all over the world, she lined whoever wanted to participate up with someone in another country so we could send a package to on another.  My partner's name is Nadine Fitzke and she lives in Germany, she is adorable and has an adorable blog!  Check it out here!  She's a sweetie and it had been so fun getting to know her!  Anyway, she ended up sending me TWO packages.  
What a sweetheart huh?
All of these chocolate bars were amazing, BUT there was one that had these little air pockets throughout the chocolate bar.  Wren and I fought over it.  It was like nothing I had ever tasted before!  I'm glad they don't make them here.  It would be the death of me!
These gummies were might tasty too :)
And here's the mother ship that came in the second package.  Again, what a sweetheart! 
The Werther's Originals were HEAVEN.  They're really soft chocolate with a caramel-ish type middle. WAY better than the Werther's here.  They melted in my mouth.  All 15 of them!  Woops!
Thanks so much Nadine!  You ROCK!

I sent Nadine a lot of different types of candy, a few being Bottle Caps, Rings Pops, and Pixy Stix, and then some halloween stuff/candy.  
I sent her some Barbie socks too, get it? American Barbie? :) 
I tried to send candy that has always been around since we were little.  
On the outside of her package I glued lots of different pictures from an American scenery calendar so she could get a glimpse of what it's like over here in the great U S of A :) 
I hope you liked it Nadine!

Thanks so much to Gentri for doing this fun thing!  It was a great experience getting to know someone across the world and getting to experience a little bit of their culture!
Go to Gentri's post here to see lots of different people's packages to each other.  
It's so fun!