Monday, November 14, 2011

I Cut Bangs and My Pillow Shop!

This weekend was truly amazing because all we did was hang out at home.  Saturday, we slept in (heaven), Wren made breakfast, we went to the gym, and then came home and made cinnamon rolls.  After, while Wren edited his mountain bike video (which is basically going to be amazing), I sewed and sewed and sewed.  

What am I sewing you ask?  Why I am opening up a pillow shop on Etsy here in the next couple days.  All I have done is cut out fabric and sewed, and sewed zippers, and ironed, and cut off thread, and sewed, and if I see another zipper I promise you I'll bomb it.  If I have to put one more mother f'n zipper in one more mother f'n pillow form, well like I said, I'll bomb it.  BUT hours and hours and a throbbing back later, I am DONE!  Well with the 21 model pillows that is.  SO keep checking back in the next couple days will ya?  I'll let you know once it's up.  But I swear they're super cute pillows made with super cute fabric.  Christmas presents people?  I think so.... :)

Anyway, back to Saturday evening.  After we were done working on our stuff, we hunkered (don't you hate that word?) down and ordered the best pizza I think we ever did order from Dominos, and watched Sister Wives.  Anyone watch it?  

In other BIG news...
I cut bangs.
I'm still having a minor anxiety attack, but I think I like them.  Wren loves them so that's good.

Here is a picture of the cinnamon rolls we made.
They turned out.... eh.  Which is a bummer considering they took almost a full day when we count all the rising/raising (I don't know what the proper word here would be...I'm embarrassed) it took.  
Mhhh.  I'm giving up on dough all together.  Too many unsuccessful memories.  

Well, AGAIN, check back during the next couple of days to check out my most time consuming of projects yet... my pillow shop k!?

Oh ya, and how was YOUR weekend?!