Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011

 Our cute friends Britt and Matt threw a New Year's Eve party this weekend.  
 She made some very delectable food.
Of which I ate and ate and ate and ate.
 Wren and I don't laugh harder with anyone than this group of jolly friends.  
We always just have a gay old time.
 We played Taboo and girls won.  Of course. 
Matt was really good at Taboo.  He got 1 point. 
 Wren started to fade.  
The party didn't start till nine, and that's usually about the time we're in bed.  
So this night was a big stretch for us.
Matt faded at about 9:30.
 Midnight came and we celebrated with some Martinellis baby! 
 We're so cool.
Then everyone gave their honey a kiss.
Such romantics are we :)
After midnight struck, I think it was clear... 
Matt wanted us G.O.N.E.
So leave we did!
What a fun way to bring in the New Year!
Love these chumps :)
PS Thanks for all the awesome comments on Kinley's Post.  They made my weekend!  TRULY!  AND guess what?  He went on a date this weekend because of it!  And she really is like the cutest girl... EVER!