Friday, December 16, 2011

A New Blog Design & Wren is DONE with SCHOOL!!!

Does any of ya lovelies notice anything different up in here?  
Cindy with Blessed Design Studio did a serious makeover to my blog.  She is so awesome to work with and I just LOVE what she has done.  I'm sure she wanted to kill me because I really had so many random ideas of what I wanted, but she nailed it.  Happy to have this little blog lookin good :)  
Thanks Cindy!  
You rock!

Speaking of who else rocks my socks...
My husband.  Because guess who submitted his last assignment last night for his bachelors degree?  My husband.  And I am SO happy for him.  He has been one busy bee for the last couple of years.  He has worked a full time, 40 hour a week job, while going to school full time.  What a champ this one is.  So glad I caught such a hard working and dedicated guy.  
Guess what Wren?  No more bibliographies!!!  He hates those.  Me too.  

Check out this AMAZING video he has worked on for six months...  
It was his final for his video editing class.  If any of you go to the U, I would highly recommend this class (I took it too) with Craig Wirth.  Best tuition you'll ever spend.
Check it out!
Awesome right?  
Makes me want to get out my bike and hit some jumps 
(even though if I ever even attempted this, I would break my neck)
But one can dream right?
OH and PS... check out this girl's sig?!  Ya?  I have never had a signature... ever.  Every time I sign it, it's different from the time before.  It's one of those things that I just can't master.  Plus my handwriting sucks and I'm the fastest writer in the history of the universe (I do pride myself on this) but it doesn't help my cause.  And Wren hates watching me sign my signature because it reminds him that anyone could forge it since it's never been, or never will be, consistent (but at least I don't take ten minutes to sign my name like him, my blood pressure shoots through the roof when I watch him sign his name... pick it up people).  
BUT not now.   I have an electronic signature.  
Which is pretty much better than a handwritten one anyway.  
It's 2011 guys.  
Get with the times :)