Monday, December 19, 2011

A Weekend Celebration!

This weekend our friend Christopher and his adorable girlfriend took Wren and I out to Joe's Crab Shack to celebrate Wren graduating school.  
How SWEET is that?  
GOOD friends they are!
The waitress put little bibs on us and we felt so cool.
Look at those fantastic fishies...
Watching everyone try to bust these bad boys open and eat them was like watching a science project.  
No joke.  They were down to biz.
Thanks Christopher, you are so nice to think of us!

I also got down with my bad self this weekend and made some sugar cookies.  I didn't realize there was a reason for smashing sugar cookies flat until I took my little roll looking things out of the oven.
What's that you say?  
Yes they look like cupcakes without the cupcake liners.
I'm just THAT good.
But I do have to say, they were pretty darned amazing.  Go me.

Hope you all had as great of a and food revolved weekend as us!
PS Anyone from the area?  CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS NASTY AIR?  It will be a miracle if we make it through this unscathed.